Craft beer is spreading throughout the world, having originated mainly in the U.S. With Japan currently enjoying a craft beer boom, microbreweries are opening throughout the country and an increasing number of restaurants and bars offer a selection of craft beer. Kanazawa is no exception―brewpubs (bars that sell beer brewed on the premises) and craft beer bars are appearing in the city. With a variety of styles, craft beer has a unique appeal as you can select and enjoy it according to your taste and mood on the day. Additionally, beers of the same style taste different at each brewery. On an evening in Kanazawa, how about a new encounter with a Japanese craft beer that you’ve never tried before?



1: Kaga Roasted Tea Stout,
Oriental Brewing

Style: Stout, Alc. 5%
加賀棒茶スタウト 700 yen
Stout made with Kaga-bocha, a traditional roasted twig tea from Kanazawa. Its reduced sweetness and refreshing mouthfeel bring out the fragrance of roasted barley and kaga-bocha tea.

2: YUWAKU Yuzu Ale,
Oriental Brewing

Style: Fruit Beer, Alc. 5%
湯涌ゆずエール 700 yen
Winner of the gold prize at the International Beer Cup 2017. Made with yuzu citrus, a local specialty of the Yuwaku Onsen district, Kanazawa City, where the main brewery of Oriental Brewing is located. It features the splendid scent of yuzu citrus and ester.

3: Single Hop Citra,
Oriental Brewing

Style: Session IPA, Alc. 5%
シングルホップシトラ 700 yen
Prepared using the soft water of Kanazawa to maximize the flavor of hops. It has none of the sharp bitterness unique to IPA. Instead, this easy-to-drink ale has a delightful aroma and a juicy hop feeling.

ORIENTAL BREWING Higashiyama branch
オリエンタルブルーイング東山店: 3-2-22, Higashiyama / Phone: 076-255-6378
Kanazawa’s first-ever brewpub that opened in 2016. It has eight taps, mainly offering beer brewed on the premises and other domestically brewed brands.



4: Porter, Shiga Kogen Beer

Style: Robust Porter, Alc. 5.5%
ポーター 850yen
Shiga Kogen Beer is a brewery run by a long-established Japanese sake brewery. Porter, with its espresso-like color, gentle roasted aroma, and clean taste, is particularly popular with ladies.

5: Kagayaki Wheat 7,
Johana Beer

Style: IPA, Alc. 7%
カガヤキウィートセブン 850yen
A brewery located near a UNESCO World Heritage hamlet of Gassho-style houses in Gokayama. Kagayaki, named after the nickname for the Hokuriku Shinkansen trains, has both a striking bitterness and the aroma of citrus hops.

6: The Prodigy,
West Coast Brewing

Style: Juicy IPA, Alc. 6.5%
プロディジー 900yen
A vibrant orange IPA from an up-and-coming brewery, made using Mosaic, Citra, and Ekuanot hops. It has a good balance between subtle sweetness and the aromas of mango and pineapple.

Craft Beer Dive FUTA’S
クラフトビール フウタズ: 44-1, Satomicho / Phone: 076-222-0593
They always offer six to seven different beers, with the brands varying on a weekly basis. You can also get a daytime drink here.



7: Imperial Pilsner,
Fujizakura Heights Beer

Style: Pilsner, 6%
インペリアルピルスナー 800 yen
A limited-edition beer from a brewery that produces beer based on German-style technology and using high-quality soft water from the foot of Mt. Fuji. A luxurious taste with a citrus aroma, bitterness, and malt flavor.

8: Weizen, Nihonkai Club

Style: Weizen, Alc. 5%
ヴァイツェン 800 yen
A Czech brewer uses his talents at this brewery on the nature-rich Noto Peninsula. Weizen boasts a fruity fragrance and good feeling in the throat.

9: Porter, Swan Lake Beer

Style: Robust Porter, Alc. 6%
ポーター 800 yen
A two-time winner of the gold prize at the World Beer Cup. Enjoy its complex and pleasing taste, where the sweetness and bitterness of the roasted malt and hops blend well with the fruity flavor. 

香林坊 ジビルバ: 2-7-3, Katamachi / Phone: 076-231-1239
Awell-balanced list of beers always contains eight different types, from light-bodied to full-bodied, and caters for both craft beer beginners and connoisseurs. The selection of beers on tap is changed regularly.



Japanese Microbreweries

Ishikawa's craft beers are also available in bottles or cans, which makes it wasy to drink at your accommodation.

10: Kanazawa Brewery

Founded in 2016, Kanazawa Brewery stocks around 20 different types of yeast at its cultivation facility adjacent to the brewery. The brewery is particular about its manufacturing method and ensures that fresh yeast is used every time they prepare beer. In addition to its classic fruity and refreshing pale ale, they also offer wheat beer and stout.

11: Nihonkai Club

Since it began brewing in the northern Noto Peninsula in 1998, its beers have won a number of awards at the International Beer Cup. Four types of beer, which have a mild flavor and contain live yeast, can be enjoyed at the restaurant adjacent to the brewery.

12: Hyakumangoku Beer

This brewery began making beer in 1999, using water from the sacred mountain of Hakusan and crops harvested in a rural rice production area. Koshihikari Ale, made from superior Koshihikari brand rice, has a distinctive rice flavor and a slight bitterness.



World Famous Beer Brand

Once you have tasted beers from different parts of Japan, would you like to drink a familiar one from a beer powerhouse?

13: Pilsner Urquell,
Czech Republic

Style: Pilsner, Alc. 5%
ピルスナーウルケル(チェコ)900 yen
Pilsner Urquell was first produced in 1842 in Pilsen, Czech Republic and quickly spread around the world as a beer featuring a harmony of bitterness, sweetness, and aroma. To this day, it continues to be produced in the same brewery based on a traditional manufacturing method.

14: Weltenburger, Germany

Style: Weizen, Alc. 5%
ヴェルテンブルガー(ドイツ)900 yen
Weltenburger is produced at the Weltenburg Abbey brewery in Germany, where brewing is said to date back to 1050. This easy-to-drink beer has a refined finish with a slight bitterness. 

15: Heineken Extra Cold, Nederland

Style: Pilsner, Alc. 5%
ハイネケン エクストラ’コールド(オランダ) 700 yen
This special beer is Heineken, one of the best-known beer brands in the world, which is cooled to below 0℃. This ensures that it retains its original fruity and refreshing flavor while also making it less bitter and easier to drink.

ぴるぜん: 1-9-20, Katamachi / Phone: 076-221-0688
Along-established beer hall that offers traditional brands from around the world. They have a particular method of pouring beer that maximizes its real taste.