Tatemachi Street is not touristy at all. This area is mainly for local people including those who live in Toyama and Fukui prefectures. So just forget about your to-do travel list for a while, and join us on Tatemachi as if you were a regular!
This area is known for small concept shops owned by young fashionistas. Therefore even more such fashionistas converge on these shops. On Tatemachi street there are all kinds of shops selling clothing, knickknacks, jewelry, bags, outdoor products, and tons of other stuff. It’s a fun place to shop! If you are interested in Japanese subcultures like lolita fashion or cosplay, you should definitely stop by Belsel mall.

Stop by a cafe, a restaurant, or a bar whenever you need it! From fast food to Japanese cuisine, a variety of food choices with budget prices will make you feel at home. Besides, English-speaking bartenders at the Kaname Bar can help your travels to Kanazawa feel even more meaningful! So what are you in the mood for now?

We used to consider there were no hotels in Tatemachi for tourists, but now you can pick this convenient area to stay. Tatemachi is located next to Kanazawa’s nightclub spot Katamachi, but don’t let that stop you, because it is pretty quiet and safe at night. It’s just a three-minute walk to the bus stop to get back to the JR Kanazawa Station, and you can use free WiFi 365 days a year.

If you are not particularly interested in shopping or eating in this area, just hang out on the street with your travel companions! The street is car-free in the afternoon (12:00-19:00), and there are some benches to rest and people watch. You might just bump into a fun event this street throws during holidays or on weekends!

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