A Kanazawa City Ordinance has prohibited “smoking on the street” which includes smoking while walking on sidewalks, while standing along the street, or while riding a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle.

This ordinance was established due to the risks pertaining to second-hand smoke caused by cigarettes, particularly for children. Please be aware that those who smoke in the restricted areas on these maps will be imposed a fine of 1,000 yen. Some areas include protected architectural structures for which fires would be hazardous.


ON THE STREET: Japan’s tourist cities are prevalent with cigarette lovers these days. Kanazawa is no exception. Most tourist sites downtown (including their immediate vicinity) are designated as nonsmoking sections. This smoking regulation has been enacted mainly to keep streets clean, and to prevent the inhalation of secondhand smoke. If you are a smoker, please be aware that fines of 1,000 yen for smoking in those designated nonsmoking districts or for throwing cigarette butts on the street will be imposed. For smokers, there are several public and private designated locations with provided ashtrays for smoking, at times even within those restricted areas (see our large map on pages 6-7 as well), at the entrance of convenience stores, or next to cigarette stands.AT RESTAURANTS AND CAFES: Restaurants or cafes in Japan individually set their own smoking rules. Some shops allow smoking freely while others completely ban it.

Furthermore, many establishments provide seats equally for both non-smoking and smoking clientele. So as to avoid any embarrassing situations, we recommend you to inquire to restaurant staff about smoking preferences before being seated.ABOUT TASPO (Tobacco Passport): To some smokers from abroad, vending machines on the street selling cigarettes might seem a novelty that just cannot be passed up. However, to purchase cigarettes one from of these units, a TASPO identification / age verification card is now required. Resultantly, these machines may not be utilized by international tourists. Instead, convenience stores or cigarette stands are the correct place to purchase tobacco. Just so you know, you will still be required to show ID such as your passport at stores to verify your age.