Machi-nori, Kanaz
awa’s public rental bike system, can provide the perfect answer to sightseeing in this compact city. Why don’t you explore the city on a bike saving yourself time and money?

Kanazawa’s Bike-Sharing “Machi-nori”

The touch panel is English supports

Machi-nori (literally meaning town-riding) is Kanazawa’s public bicycle sharing scheme and a great way to travel around the city. With 19 bike docking station located in the center of the city, many tourists (international and domestic alike) have made shorter journey on the bike since the scheme's launch in 2012.
The bikes are easy to hire. Simply swipe your credit card to pay the one-day fee of 200 yen and get a password to unlock the bike following the guidance on the touch panel. It supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
When you have finished your jour
ney, just return the bike to one of the docking station. No additional fee is charged if the bike is returned within 30 minutes. That means you can use a bike as often as you want for 200 yen a day, cycling around the city’s famous sightseeing spots.

Kazuemachi Chayagai District

Today Marlies who lives in Kanazawa will show you around by Machi-nori bike.
After hiring the bike at a docking station near JR Kanazawa station [1][19](be sure to pick up a map provided), she heads for Higashi Chayagai District going though quaint alleyways. It's very refreshing to pass through the riverside streets in Kazuemachi Chayagai District and take a break from the saddle on the old wooden Naka-no Hashi Bridge.
Push the bike across the busy street to drop it at the docking station (Higashiyama). About fifteen minutes has passed since she left the first docking station.

Docking Station 18: Higashiyama

Next, let’s make a beeline for Kenroku-En garden. Marlies dropped the bike at the Kenrokuen docking station [15] near the Ishikawa-Mon gate and enjoyed the historical site walking for a while.
Just outside of the Hirosaka-guchi entrance of the garden is situated the Kanazawa 21st Art Museum. She grabs the bike again at the other side of the museum (Hirosaka docking station [14]) and heads for the Nagamachi Bukeyashiki District [8]. After a ten minute bike ride, she was nicely surprised to find the old samurai residences, adjoining the downtown and preserved in a historic atmosphere.
Another ten minutes brings you to the JR Kanazawa station [19]. If you are hungry as Marlies, it is a good idea to drop in at the colorful Omicho Market [3] to get a bite to eat.
As shown above, Kanazawa is ideally-suited to getting around on a bike. Grab yourself a Machi-nori bike and get riding!

Docking Station 8: Nagamachi

Docking Station 14: Hirosaka


Rental Hours: 7:30 - 22:30

Return Hours: 24 hours

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