The largest metropolis of Hokuriku’s three prefectures (Fukui, Ishikawa, and Toyama),
Kanazawa is less glamorous than Nagoya, Fukuoka, or Sapporo, and lacks the star-studded appeal of Tokyo and Osaka.
Yet for millions of people, this wet city on the center of the west coast boasts the perfect combination of
culture, cuisine, architecture, greenery, and urban chic.
So after 48 hours, most tourists find Kanazawa to be their kind of town, too.

Kenrokuen Garden

Nagamachi Bukeyashikiato: Samurai’s Residential District


Chaya Kenjotei
(Edomachi St.)

Castle Park

Omicho Ichiba
Open Market


Samurai House


Well, let’s wake up early to start your first day by strolling the gorgeous Kenrokuen garden! Remember “free morning admission” is available just before the regular opening time!
No chaos due to groups of visiting tourists - just the stillness of dawn. When it starts getting crowded, it’s time to move on to Kanazawa-Jinja shrine at the same site to get an English fortune slip just for fun! Stop by Edomachi Street near the garden for a lunch break while viewing the castle!

After appreciating the museums in the castle park, take a sip of green tea in the park!
Accessed directly from Hashibacho-walk, Kaikaro is based in the Higashi Chayagai district. This teahouse offers a fascinating geisha performance in spring and auumn. You can’t forget to try Kanazawa’s delectable sushi!


No matter where you stay in the heart of Kanazawa, it’s easily accessible to most must go places. Just so you know, we have a “loop bus” and “bike sharing” options available. See our large map on pages 6 and 7 to take one of them if you need to save some time.
Let’s continue your tour from Kanazawa’s kitchen! You can have brunch or grab snacks to go! Take a short southerly stroll down to the shrine, where you will see the main gate of Oyama-jinja with its Dutch stained-glass windows leading to the inner grounds where Toshiie Maeda, the founder of Kaga Domain, has been enshrined.
Nagamachi is well-known for its rows of former samurai houses. If you aren’t able to stop by the Katamachi shopping area, we recommend you take a bike or a bus to reach Nishi Chayagai or the temple street.

Castle Park)

Geisha Evenings
in Kanazawa

Sushi Dinner

Nishi Chayagai District

Museum of History

Soy Products

Higashi Chayagai District

Teramachi Temple District