Back Number
#003 Summer 2009


Tourist Map of Kanazawa

Tourist’s Language
-On the Street-

Kanazawa Loop Bus

Bicycle Rental

Access to Kanazawa


Experience a Stay at a Machiya.

Japanese Style Skewers

The Seven Lucky Gods

Kanazawa Local Food
Kaiseki Dishes


Dining Out
Enjoy Kanazawa Cuisine

Tourist’s Language
-At a Restaurant-


Omi-Cho Ichiba Market
“The Kitchen of Kanazawa”

Living in Kanazawa
I urge tourists to enter
unfamiliar shops

Calligraphy, the art of writing!

Designed to dazzle:
The 25 million yen fountain pen!

Feel the Samurai spirit in Kanazawa

Hotel Professionalism
I want them to fall in love
with Japan through Kanazawa.

Kiriko Matsuri Summer Festivals
in the Noto Peninsula

Check Out These Events
When You Are in Town!

Greeting from KGGN Staff - 02-

Mysteries of the ryokan revealed!

More fun than your ABCs!