Back Number
#002 Spring 2009


Spring Festivals and Events
in Ishikawa

Free Admission
Into Kenroku-En Garden

21st Century Museum of
Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Ishikawa Prefectural
Museum of Art (IPMA)

Greeting from KGGN staff - 01-

Kanazawa Loop Bus

Kanazawa City Cultural
Facilities Passport

Bicycle Rental


The Enyu-kai for Matsu-No-Uchi Was Amazing! A Japanese Fairy Tale Come to Life.

Japanese Style Bistro
I Love Izakaya!

Japanese Traditional Playing Cards
Get a Box as A Souvenir!

Traditional Inn
Proper Ryokan Manners


Dining Out
Enjoy Kanazawa Cuisine


Traveler’s Voice
Interviews at Kenroku-En Garden

Best Season
Shocking Pink!

Hotel Professionalism
Kanazawa is characterized
by the old culture that remains
alongside modern developments.

We Are All Million Stars!

Smell the Pleasant Aroma!

A Humble Samurai Town!

Ecological Chopsticks
Finished in Lacquer

Living in Kanazawa
I love being able to relax at home. My favorite place is the Higashi Chaya district!