Back Number
#001 Autumn & Winter 2008


Limited Performances
at the 3 Chaya Districts

Admission Free
for Kenroku-En Garden

Light-Up & Ikebana

21st Century Museum of
Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Special Exhibitions at
Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art

Kanazawa Goodwill Guide Network


Wandering Classic and Charming Streets with Sophie

Japanese Style Cuisine
Let’s go to the Sushi Bar!

Praying at Shrines

Kanazawa Local Food

Japanese Manners
Sento & Onsen

Kanazawa Dialect Lesson!
Speak Like the Locals!
Learn Kanazawa-Ben


Dining Out
Enjoy Kanazawa Cuisine


Traveler’s Voice
Interviews at Kenroku-En Garden

Living in Kanazawa
I highly recommend a visit
to an Izakaya-style restaurant.

Kinpaku and Abura-Torigami

Go Inside a Geisha House

Enjoy Traditional Arts and Crafts

Indigenous Vegetables

Wagasa - Authentic Japanese Umbrella-