Make a Machiya Your Second Home in Kanazawa!
Memorable Days are Waiting for You.

Hello everyone! (Namaste!) Machiya are traditional townhouses which were used by common people during the Edo period.
The Japanese architecture still stands to this day and was carefully restored to keep the traditional ambiance.
In Kanazawa they are often restored as cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels. You can rent a whole house for the night.
I’ll show you proper etiquette and how to make the most of your time.


The sun’s out!
Let’s start cleaning house,
then enjoy a Japanese style breakfast!

Kikunoya used to be an Ochaya which Geisha lived in. It was restored as a hotel style Machiya. All the facilities, including the kitchen and bathroom, have been renovated, making it a classic home with modern comforts. Machiya are known for their traditional designs, such as Kohshi (wooden lattices), Tsubo-Niwa (small garden) or Inu-Yarai (bamboo fence).
Although you don’t have to vacuum up every morning, you should at least tidy up the house as not to ruin the splendid atmosphere. Uchimizu is an activity where you sprinkle water over the garden or street to cool the ground and prevent dust from kicking up. You’ll be served Japanese style breakfast around 9 am, the price of which is included in your stay.

Take the afternoon
to learn Sado, the way of tea!
Feel the soul of Zen.

Kikunoya has programs such as Sado (tea ceremony), Kado (flower arrangement), Noh chant, and Kitsuke (kimono-wearing class). I couldn’t pass up Sado. India is famous for its tea, and we have tea many times a day.
Sado is not just making and drinking tea, but also a philosophy as well. Each movement and rule has a deeper meaning of hospitality. The illustrious tea master, Sen no Rikyu, preferred the simple to the fancy. He was driven by the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic influenced by Zen. Contemplation of the imperfection, constant change and the impermanence of all things—this is what you learn through Sado.


Let’s go to Omi-Cho market!
It’s time to prepare dinner!
What do I want to cook tonight? Maybe Indian food?


Stay at a hotel and you miss out on shopping at the market. But this Machiya has a kitchen, so feel free to cook your own meals. You might even be able to save money! Omi-Cho was just renovated in April and is quite close from here. Have you cooked Kaga vegetables? How about the round eggplant?
After dinner let’s take a walk around Asano-gawa River! Strolling around Kazue-machi, you can feel its special allure. No wonder this area is popular with people from around the world. I can imagine how the streets must have looked like long ago, with a beautiful young Geiko trotting hastily to her Shamisen lesson.