Only 80 minutes from Kanazawa station by bus!

Do you like snowboarding or skiing? Are you interested in Japanese ski resorts and Onsens? If so, Hakusan city is the right place for you! From the end of December to the middle of March, beautiful powdery snow and natural hot water will be waiting for you!

Bring your family for good memories, take a deep breath and enjoy a great view, or enjoy the terrain while riding down!

There are many local snowboarders and skiers here in Ishikawa prefecture. It’s pretty convenient for us to get there by car. Indeed, it only takes 30-40 minutes from the heart of Kanazawa.
We grow up with snow! In the past there used to be more ski hills, but now only three are open with enough snow.
The oldest of these hills, Ichirino-Onsen Ski Resort, is located at the spa village and is well-known for being the biggest ski hill in Ishikawa. Just in front of the ticket office, the extensive yet gentle slope (av 10-11 deg
rees) is bustling with families and beginners. On the other hand, at the top of the gondola station there are some exciting runs (av 21-30 degrees) for experts. Some skiers say there are nice bumps there.
Seimour Ski Resort was opened in 1987 and named after the sister ski hill “Mount Seimour” in BC, Canada! The course names have musical themes. For example, the Symphony course has the steepest slope (38 degrees) in the resort, while the Minuet course is good for beginners, having a gentle 800-meter slope. If you’re looking for a nice snowboarding park with kickers and rail lines, Seimour is the right place!
Sena-Kohgen Ski Resort is loc
ated between the Shiramine-Onsen spa village and Ichirino-Onsen. It’s the newest resort, having opened in 1991, and is distinguished for having long, steep slopes.
Although most runs are a bit tough for intermediates (except the family course), once you get familiar with the terrain, you will be addicted to riding there. Do not miss the beautiful lake view from the top of the gondola station!
Well, no matter which ski hill you choose, it’ll be a great memory!

Ski Resort Information

Ichirino-Onsen Ski Resort
Ri-63, Ozoh, Hakusan City
Tel. 076-256-7412 (Japanese) / Fax: 076-256-7414 / Email: info@sam-hakusan.com / http://sam-hakusan.com/sam-snow/ichirino

Seymour Ski Resort
Uchio, Kawachi-Machi, Hakusan City
Tel. 076-273-0331 (Japanese) / Fax: 076-256-7447 / Email:info@sam-hakusan.com / http://sam-hakusan.com /sam-snow/seymour

Sena-Kohgen Ski Resort
114-1, Ushi, Seto, Hakusan City
Tel. 076-256-7137 (Japanese) / Fax: 076-256-7447 / Email: info@sam-hakusan.com / http://sam-hakusan.com/sam-snow/sena

After frolicking in the powder, or while waiting your friends to finish skiing, check out the natural hot springs!

To start with, the Ichirino-Onsen Ski resort boasts about their hot spring! The hot water is transparent and smells a bit like sulfur, which is said to help with gastro-enteric diseases, asthma, skin diseases, and rheumatism.

Shiramine-Onsen is also well-known for its colorless and clear water. It’s a bit thicker and slipperier, giving your skin more moisture. Due to this, it is called “a beauty hot spring.”
Kawachi Senjoh-Onsen is located just next to the Seymour Ski Resort. It is said to work for neuralgia, muscle aches, digestive diseases, and poor blood circulation.
Of course, you can visit each hot spring just to enjoy bathing, and you also can stay at a nice inn at the villages to be relaxed. Or, even renting a whole cottage with your friends is fun. It’s all up to you!

Hot Spring Information

Ichirino-Onsen TENRYO
Tel. 076-256-7846 (Japanese) / Communal bath: ¥600 / Open: 10:00-18:00 (weekdays); 10:00-21:00 (weedends and holidays); closed Tuesdays

Shiramine-Onsen SOHYU
Tel 076-259-2839 (Japanese) / Communal bath: ¥650 / Open: 12:00-21:00 (weekdays); 10:00-21:00 (weedends and holidays); closed Tuesdays, Dec 31 and Jan 1

Kawachi-Senjoh-Onsen SEIRYU
Tel. 076-273-3483 (Japanese) / Communal bath: ¥370 / Open: 10:00-18:00; closed Wednesdays and Thursdays

Everyday (~10/31)
Yakatabune Cruise on the Shibayama-Gata lagoon
[Place] Katayamazu-Onsen spa town in Kaga City [Fare] ¥500 [Time] 15:00-17:30

Yamanaka-Bushi Dohchu-Nagashi Street Dance
in Yamanaka-Onsen spa town, Kaga City. [Time] 19:00-21:00

Ataka Matsuri Festival
Portable shrine, floating objects and ladies wearing red kimono dance in a circle.

Jumangoku Matsuri Festival
2.5 ton portable shrine with 2.1-meter-across old Kutani-Yaki porcelain plate, street dances and fun events. [Place] Kaga city hall

Koikoi Matsuri Festival
The biggest festival at Yamanaka-Onsen spa town in Kaga City

Torigoe Soba Noodle Matsuri Festival in Torigoe district, Hakusan City

Hakusan-Ro Cycle Festa
42km Cycling
[Fee] ¥500 [Course] Juhachigawara Kohen park in Tsurugi > Tedori Canyon Road > Kampo no Sato Hakusan Oguchi > Tedori Canyon Road > Juhachigawara Kohen
JCF MTB Japan Series in SENA-KOHGEN Ski Resort
You can go up to the top by gondola (cable car) to watch. The elite class DH riders' time from
the top to the bottom of the course is about 6 minutes!

Autumn Foliage at Hakusan Super-Rindo National Park Toll Road

Komatsu-Kichi Aero Festival
The air force base just next to Komatsu Airport has an annual event for civilians to show their aerobatic abilities, performed by the Blue Impulse team.

Kuizome Kani Matsuri Festival
Get a fresh crab, or enjoy crab Miso soup in Yamashiro-Onsen spa town! [Time] 10:00-12:00

Autumn Foliage at Kakusenkei Gorge
[Place] Yamanaka-Onsen Spa Town, Kaga City

Autumn Foliage at Natadera Temple in Komatsu City
Do not miss it in the beautiful temple garden!

Hakusan-Roku Ski Resorts Open Runs
Ichirino-Onsen, Seymour and Sena-Kohgen ski resorts.

Hakusan-Roku Kenmin Ski Day
Get a special discount one-day pass at Sena-Kohgen, Ichirino-Onsen or Seymour ski resort!

Hoshi Matsuri
Monks’ winter bathing to drive away evils.
[Place] Renkohji temple in Daishoji district, Kaga City. [Time] 11:00-11:10

Yuki-Daruma Matsuri in Kuwajima village
Displaying all kinds of snowmen in the village located in Hakusan City.

Yuki-Daruma Matsuri in Shiramine village
Displaying various kinds of snowmen in the spa village of Hakusan City

Gongan-Shinji Shinto ritual
Breaking bamboo and throwing a big rope resembling the legendary big snake.
[Place] Sugoh Isobe-Jinja shrine in Daishoji district.