Komatsu City is distinguished for the popular kabuki play “Kanjincho,” which is one of the most popular plays. It’s said the barrier in the story called “Ataka-no-Seki” existed in a historical spot near the beach in the city. Now Komatsu is flourishing with kabuki events, such as renowned festivals.
Kids play kabuki at the “Otabi Matsuri Festival,” or “Kodomo Kabuki Festival” in May every year. These are definitely must-see events! However for those people who can’t make it to the festivals, the Komatsu Hikiyama Gallery “Miyossa,” which literally means `let’s do it!,´ can show you their real floats from the festivals, and even offer you fun face painting on the second floor! Pick a design from the samples! You will feel the festivals anytime by observing the display of these gorgeous floats. It’s located in the heart of downtown, so why not stroll around the quaint streets with a painted-on kabuki face? Let’s do it!

Science Hills Komatsu was recently opened with a futuristic appearance, on March 22, 2014. It’s located near the east gate of the JR Komatsu Station. It has great displays where you can experience science, and moreover they offer you workshops or classes. People, especially children, can inquisitively enjoy the wonders of science, while understanding the theories therein. Hopefully, this might lead to future scientists in the making, playing active roles in the development of society, perhaps even on an international scale! Don’t forget that the museum features a 3D theater which shows a variety of amazing programs. Science Hills Komatsu boasts that their 3D dome theater is one of the biggest in Japan. Well, we decided to check it out for you in advance! First of all, as you would expect, they give you 3D glasses at the door. Once they notified for us to put them on, wow! We were able to witness gorgeous winter constellations, including Orion, the Great Dog, the Little Dog amongst others, and the film gave us some beautiful stories. Science Hills Komatsu also has an excellent restaurant (2F) and museum shop (1F). It’s already a big landmark for everyone!

When one hears the name “Komatsu,” they likely first think of the airport that acts as a gateway to Kanazawa. Komatsu the city however, has a population of more than a hundred thousand people, and has a surprisingly vibrant and international feel behind the scenes. We’d like to introduce this lovely city to you via some of the international students who live in Ishikawa!

This city is unexpectedly related to transportation. Needless to say, you will see aircrafts flying everyday, either domestic or international flights from “Komatsu Airport”, or security related ones from “JASDF Komatsu Base.” When you have seen construction equipment (think excavator or bulldozer) in your country, have you recognized the “KOMATSU” brand? The global company was established in this city more than 90 years ago. Moreover, the only factory that makes “hybrid buses” in Japan is open here in Komatsu. A “vehicle museum,” a “train museum,” and of course, an “aircraft museum,” can all be found in the city.

ven though Komatsu city boasts industrial development, they do have goals for a symbiotic existence between humans and nature.
People here are fond of the view of Mt Hakusan, and the local administration even renovated a closed-down school to become an open camp for ordinary folks to learn more about nature. In addition, both local government and citizens are collaborating for a Komatsu brand rice with less chemical fertilizers. Komatsu city is down to earth and flexible for the future. This is the first step for building a progressive city.

MIYOSSA [みよっさ]
Komatsu Hikiyama Gallery
• Admission: free
• face painting (2F): ¥100
• Phone: 0761-23-3413
•Hours: 10:00-17:00;
open every day (~November)

Science Hills Komatsu

Science Museum
•Admission: ¥800 •Phone: 0761-24-8096 •Open: 9:00-18:00; closed Mondays
(Open when Mondays in summer and when it falls on a national holiday)

Komatsu-no-Mori Park / 930E Dump Truck [こまつの杜/930Eダンプトラック]
Climb into the giant truck!
• Admission: free • Phone: 0761-24-2154 • Open: 10:30-11:00 / 15:30-16:00)
*Wearing a helmet is required.

Komatsu Rent-A-Cycle
Rent a bike for a cycling cruise!
• Fee: ¥200 per day • Phone: 0761-21-8208 • Reception: 9:00-17:00; rent: 9:00-18:00; closed during New Year holidays (Dec. 29 - Jan. 3)

Komatsu Shio-Yakisoba [小松塩焼きそば]
No trip to Komatsu is complete without trying these fried noodles. Excellent noodles, a cluster of bean sprouts, and some other vegetables are all stir-fried together. Seasoned with salt and soy. Yummy!

Komatsu Udon [小松うどん]
No trip to Komatsu is complete without trying these fried noodles. Excellent noodles, a cluster of bean sprouts, and some other vegetables are all stir-fried together. Seasoned with salt and soy. Yummy!



National Children’s Kabuki Festival in Komatsu

[第16回 全国子供歌舞伎フェスティバルin小松]
MAY / 4-5

Three plays including the famous “KANJINCHO” will be performed by children from Komatsu along with other prefectures. Enjoy this gorgeous show put on by local and regional kids!
•Ticket: ¥1,500~
•Place: Komatsu URARA Theater
•Time: 11:00-16:10
•Phone: 0761-20-5501

Otabi Matsuri Festival

[お旅まつり] MAY / 9-12

Fabulous Kids' Kabuki performed on floats outside! Kids' Kabuki has a history of more than 240 years. Historically, it was only open for boys to perform this play. Now, girls are part of the show, and two of the eight districts perform every year. This year Yokaichi-Machi and Tera-Machi will perform!
•Admission free •Hikiyama Hikizoroe (gathering floats) on the 11th: 5 floats at MIYOSSA ( 13:00) / 8 floats at Saikucho (18:00) •Phone: 0761-24-8076

Smile Kibagata

[スマイル木場潟] May / 18
Join us for “making a big circle project” around the lake by holding hands! Let’s talk about Lake Kiba’s environment!
•Admission Free •Place: Lake Kiba •Time: 9:00-10:00 •Phone: 0761-24-8101

Belgium Day

[ベルギー・デイ] May / 31
Let’s celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Vilvoorde and Komatsu, complete with music, food, and rose garden!
•Admission Free •Place: Komatsu Urara Theater


Small World in Komatsu


Did you know that many foreign people live in Komatsu? The annual international exchange festival offers you an enjoyable time with locals, foreign residents, and exchange students. It’s simply fun to join in the dancing and tea ceremony while sampling from the various stall foods.
•Admission Free
•Place: around JR Komatsu sta.
•Phone: 0761-24-8039


Ataka Matsuri Festival

[安宅まつり] SEPTEMBER / 7-9

People who live in the fishing district stroll around with a portable shrine, while dedicating a lion dance to a deity for a big catch and safe fishing. A boat-shaped float carrying the Seven Gods of Good Fortune will be paraded through the street. Dancing by single ladies called “Wa-Odori” is a highlight of the festival.
•Admission free
•Place: Ataka-Sumiyoshi-Jinja Shrine
•Phone: 0761-22-8896


Komatsu-Kichi Aero Festival


Japan Air Self-Defense Komatsu Base, which is located next to the airport, has an fun event annually for civilians. It’s scheduled once again to be held in fall of 2014. They will offer people the chance to observe the base, enjoy food stalls and demonstrations, and watch an impressive air performance by the aerobatic team called “Blue Impulse.”
•Admission free
•Place: JASDF Komatsu Base

Komatsu Stamp Rally

~ November 30
Visit museums to obtain stamps for a great prize!
•Stamp spots: Aircraft Plaza, Science Hills Komatsu, Komatsu-no-Mori Park, Motorcar Museum of Japan, Doihara Bonnet Plaza, Poppo Kisha, Nakayoshi Tetsudo, and Lake Kiba