Welcome To the Paradise of Festivals and Activities!

After the conquest of Kanazawa, you’ll definitely want to look for other places to explore.
As you take a train from Kanazawa to the south, or simply fly in from Tokyo,
you will find that undiscovered wonderlands are waiting for you!


1. Otabi Matsuri Festival
[5/13-16] The kids play Kabuki in costumes. They are not only adorable, but also gallant!

You can not miss the gorgeous kids doing Kabuki! They will definitely fascinate you.
It is the biggest festival in this city.

About 30 minutes from JR Kanazawa station by local train, the industrial town which has a population of approximately 110,000 is also well-known for the popular Kabuki play “Kanjincho”. The Ataka-no-Seki barrier in the play really existed in this city! It is no wonder that Komatsu people love Kabuki! The “Otabi Matsuri” originated from a prayer to God for peace in 1651. Children’s Kabuki has a history of 240 years. Though in the past, it was only open to boys, girls can now also join the fabulous play. “Osshobe Matsuri” is a famous festival in Azazu-Onsen. This hot spring town is pretty quaint and has a world-famous Ryokan, known for being the oldest accommodation in the world! People dance to the folk song “Osshobe-Bushi”, known as a love story. You will see a dance competition and Taiko performances at the matsuri as well!

2. Osshobe Matsuri
Festival in Awazu
[8/25-27] Dance competition and Taiko performances at Awazu-Onsen hot spring town.

The gateway to Kanazawa by air! They share the runway with the AF base. Do not miss the fun events in this aero town!

Komatsu airport has 22 round flights, connecting 10 cities including Seoul, Shanghai, and Taipei. Therefore, this city is the gateway to Kanazawa by air. The air force base is located next to the airport, and they technically share the runway. The air force has an annual fun event for civilians to show their acrobatic abilities, performed by the Blue Impulses.

3. Komatsu-Kichi
Aero Festival
*The date is not yet fixed.


Gorgeous festivals in the spa city!
Enjoy both hot springs and the events!

There are three big spa towns in the city: Yamashiro, Katayamazu, and Yamanaka. How do we decide where to go? Yamashiro is known as the biggest amusement area, having more than 20 spa Ryokans. Yamanaka also has more than 20, but somehow has a quieter atmosphere. Katayamazu is located near the ocean and stands by the waterfront of the Shibayama-Gata Lake.

8. Hanabi Matsuri Fireworks
[7/30-8/28] The beautiful reflections
of the fireworks every night in Katayamazu!

Well, first of all, we will introduce the Shobu-Yu Matsuri in Yamashiro. Local youths carry portable shrines around the town, which are made of straw bags with Shobu (blue flags).

7. Shobu-Yu Matsuri in Yamashiro
[6/4-5] An exciting festival culminates into blue flags surrounding an aromatic bath.

The leaves are finally thrown into the bathtub in the public bath house. Enjoy bathing with the aroma! Katayamazu’s “Hanabi Matsuri” is known for incredible fireworks. Guess what! They will set off fireworks EVERY night during the month, except when it rains. Yamanaka opens the Kakusenkei Kawadoko rest park by the Daishoji-Gawa River from April to October. The river between the Kurotani-bashi and Kohrogi-Bashi bridges is called “Kakusenkei”, in case you are wondering. The best way to enjoy it is to do nothing, just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery!

Let’s check out the craft events!
You’ll be getting a great deal if you buy items at the home of their producers!

9. Kakusenkei Kawadoko Park
[4/1-10/31] Park with a quaint ambiance by the Daishoji-Gawa river in Yamanaka Onsen.

The Yamanaka spa town is also the home of Yamanaka-Shikki lacquer ware. Its specialty is in having affordable lacquer for lovely daily use. The designs are chic and not too flashy. They have an annual open-air market, called the “Yamanaka-Shikki Matsuri”, consisting of some fun events. It is a great deal to get these things at the home of the producers, as you can imagine. Popular items include soup bowls and utensils for tea ceremony.

10. Yamanaka-Shikki
Matsuri Festival
[5/3-4] Lacquer Ware
Open-Air Market with some fun events at the home of Yamanaka-Shikki.


The city of Mt. Hakusan! You can bring your gear for activities, or simply stop and marvel at Mother Nature!

Hakusan City covers the most area in Ishikawa, and is second largest city in Ishikawa by population. What is the most famous thing in the city? Mt. Hakusan, of course! It is one of Japan’s three holy mountains! You should bring your equipment and try to challenge the mountain in the summer! There are also many hills for skiing, along with Onsen spas at the foot of the mountain, a perfect way to relax after an adventurous day! Of course, in addition, the Shishiku Kohgen ski hill is an excellent spot for paragliding, and they have special events every summer! Just imagine paragliding in a costume... it will be fantastic, huh? You do not need any licenses or preparations to watch the competition, so feel free to observe!

14. Shishiku-Kohgen
Sky Festa
[8/early] Paragliding Festival at the ski hill.You can watch people paragliding in costumes at the top of the gondola station.

Historical festival dedicateed to ancestors, and morning glory displayed for the eminent poet.

16. Chiyojo Asagao
Matsuri Festival
[7/mid] Enjoy the 10,000 Asagao (morning glory) on display, while composing a Haiku poet!

The historical castle, Torigoe-Jo, was the last fort for the villagers during the resistance against Nobunaga Oda. The descendants are proud of this fact and dedicate the festival to their ancestors. It is interesting to see people in the old farmers’ fashion, marching around with torchlight. On the other hand, at the Hakusan Athletic Park, 10,000 pots of Japanese morning glory are displayed, all grown by the local people. Why morning glory? The eminent poet in the Edo period, Chiyojo (who was born in this city), often composed Haiku (Japanese seventeen-syllable short poem) about the flower. Hence, growing this flower is encouraged in the city.

15. Ikko-Ikki
Matsuri Festival
[8/early ] People in the old farmers’ fashion, marching around Torigoe village.

Komatsu City

4. Kabuto Matsuri Festival [7/late]
The Kabuto (armor helmet) that Sanemori Saito used to own is on public display at the Tada Jinja shrine.
5. Ataka Matsuri Festival [9/7-9]
Portable shrine, floating objects and dancing by single ladies!
6. Don-Don Matsuri Festival [10/early]
Enjoy the local food and the performance!

Kaga City

11. Sakura Matsuri Festival [4/9-10]
Fabulous cherry blossom festival in Daishoji district.
12. Yamashiro Dai-Dengaku Dance [8/7-8]
Enjoy the historically mysterious dance in Yamashiro spa town!
13. Guzu-Yaki Matsuri Festival [8/27-29]
The evil fish monsters, “Guzu”, show up in Iburibashi district!

Hakusan City

17. Okaeri Matsuri Festival [5/21-22]
Floats and lion dance, backed by the sounds of a trumpet!
18. Hakusan Super Rindo Walk Trekking [5/28-29]
It is a great opportunity to walk on the winding toll road!
19. Sanpo-Iwatake Trekking [6/19]
Join the trekking tour from Sanpo-Iwatake Peak!
20. Hakusan Matsuri Festival [7/mid]
Dances and stage performances in both Shiramine and Ichirino.