Hakusan City, which is adjacent to Kanazawa, provides an amazing array of natural spectacles. This city is well-known for Mt. Hakusan, outdoor activities, and natural hot springs. Now we will introduce you to Hakusan Onsengo. One of the hot springs in the district, Ichirino Onsen which opened in 1977, provides 14 various accommodations. Even if it’s freezing outside, there is always something to make your heart warm in the village.

Feast your eyes on wild animals, such as mountain monkeys or Japanese serows, all from an wooden observatory!

Many wild animals inhabit mountains all over Japan. Ishikawa prefecture is no exception. Tsukinowaguma bears, Inuwashi golden eagles, Nihon-kamoshika (Japanese serows), and Nihon-zaru (Japanese macaque) are typical to be eyewitnessed around these rural parts. If you want to watch some of those untamed animals safely, Bunaoyama Kansatsusha in Hakusan Onsengo is the right place. This observatory with its two-storied building is the only facility in Japan for watching large wild mammalias, and is open only in winter. Field glasses are prepared and waiting for you on the second floor. You can watch animals as they are along the mountainside as long as you desire at no charge. Japanese wild animal enthusiasts already know about this hidden spot, and continue to observe these mountain creatures through the lenses every winter. It’s said there is a 90 percent probability of encountering wild animals when the weather is fine. About 5 minutes from Hakusan Ichirino-Onsen Ski resort by car, the building is located on the hillside.

Wild Animal Observatory

Nothing compares to soaking in a natural hot spring on a freezing day!

After observing wild animals or participating in snow activities, hot springs are waiting for you! Let’s take a dip in the communal tub and get relaxed! Ichirino’s hot spring has a 37-year history. The spring flows from a secluded source located deep in the mountains, and it smells sulfuric which proves it’s a genuine hot spring.

Japanese mountain food and snow activities at Kids Park will amuse all generations.

Snow conveyor belt at Hakusan Ichirino-Onsen Ski Resort

Hakusan Ichirino-Onsen Ski Resort in the district offers you a fun Kids Park (500 yen per day) with a snow conveyor belt for snow tubing, sledding, and skiing at the bottom of the hill. Kids can enjoy snow activities safely, and little skiers don’t need to walk up the hill to practice. If you bring infants, you can stay with them in a warm tent that is located next to a bathroom so you can avoid the freezing temperatures. Needless to say, they prepare kid-favorite meals at the restaurant by the park. And speaking of meals, for their guests arriving from urban areas like yourself, most accommodations at the village will serve a variety of mountain foods, such as wild plant tempura, roast Iwana fish, or even bear meat.

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