[ Dates ] Mar. 27 (Sun) - Apr. 29 (Fri), 2016
                Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
[ Time ] 18:00-19:00 (reception from 17:15 / building closed at 19:30)
[ Place ] Teahouse KAIKARO “懐華樓” ( Higashi Chayagai district )




Kanazawa is one of the few remaining cities where traditional geisha districts are still active. Due to teahouses’ strict admittance policies however, most people have only ever seen their performances on a modern stage at public events. Compared with such other geisha shows in Kanazawa, this performance is committed to a more “authentic experience” for international visitors. This goal is achieved by allowing visitors to relax in a cozy tatami room of this authentic teahouse built nearly 200 years ago, and appreciate live geisha performances in the evenings. Needless to say, Kaikaro’s landlady will delight in giving you a speech in English on geisha culture.
As this is their fourth series of performances since they began in 2014, their dedication has allowed them to continually refine their shows, thus improving the patron’s experience. As you can see there is an expanded choice of seating zones for your selection since last fall. Starting this series, a tatami chair with backrest is provided for a A-zone seating (2nd and 3rd rows) as well S-zone seating. Now you can understand why we highly recommend this show to you. So please do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Oh, do nweb_04_04.jpgot forget that their original ‘Spring Dinner Box’ will be served as an option this time around. Only 12 boxes are available per day (reservation required). Enjoy a lovely meal at a real teahouse after the performance!