Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa:

2016 Autumn Performance At Traditional Teahouse Kaikaro

[ Dates ] Oct. 3 (Mon)- Nov. 11 (Fri), 2016
*Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
[ Time ] 18:00-19:00
[ Place ] Teahouse KAIKARO “懐華樓” ( Higashi Chayagai district )

Under the auspice of Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association


It might be the chance of a lifetime
for some international guests to see
real geisha in an active teahouse.

Now in their fifth series of performances since they began in 2014, the Kaikaro teahouse has continued to refine performances for international guests from all around the world. Due to typcial teahouses’ strict admittance policies, most people still have only ever seen geisha performances on a modern stage at public events. However, at Kaikaro, they are committed to a more “authentic experience” in a cozy, tatami room of a traditional teahouse built nearly 200 years ago. Furthermore, for those who travel to Kanazawa from other countries, Kaikaro landlady showcases their historical culture all in English as a common language, complete with English-speaking staff. There is no reason why we cannot recommend this amazing event to you!
Kanazawa is one of the few remaining cities where traditional geisha districts are still active. Please do not miss this chance to appreciate a live geisha performance in Kanazawa. It might be the chance of a lifetime for you if you aren’t able to easily visit Japan.
As you can see, there is an expanded choice of seating zones for your selection since last fall. This time around, Kaikaro is offering 500-yen discounts for seats in S, A, and B zones online, and tickets can be purchased until midnight (00:00am) on the day of the performance.

09_geisha_tickets.jpgSeating in zones is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Get a paper entrance ticket first to join the line!
Complete payment first, or show your “online order number” at the ticket booth to get an entrance ticket! Each group with entrance tickets in line will be invited to select their preferred seats in order of arrival. Early arrival is recommended if you wish to obtain the better seats in the relevant zone.