An Edo-Period Extravaganza!
Don’t Miss Kanazawa’s Biggest Annual Festival!



Hyakumangoku Matsuri, started in 1952 and originating from an old municipal festival, pays tribute to the achievements of the first lord, Toshiie Maeda. It has become established as one of the city’s signature cultural celebrations.
The festivities begin on Friday night, when a sea of lanterns adorned with lovely Kaga-Yuzen patterns are set afloat on the Asanogawa River between the two geisha distric009_e01.jpgts. Local children march through the streets carrying red chohchin lanterns and taiko drums, building up anticipation for the events to come.

009_e04.jpgOn the second day, the main attraction is the huge costume parade that winds through the city. If you want to see samurai wearing Japanese “kacchu” armor, then look no further! After the main procession, locals dress up in yukata (casual summer kimono) and dance in the street till nightfall. Anyone is welcome to join, of course! If parades and dancing aren’t your thing, how about strolling through Kenrokuen Garden and enjoying a rich cup of Japanese green tea at the tea ceremony held during the day? Or if you prefer a more theatrical experience, you can watch a torchlight performance of a Noh musical at Kanazawa Castle Park at night.
On the final day of the festival, several traditional events are held in the castle park. Feel free to sample the festival food, sprawl on the gra009_e03.jpgss, and spend a relaxing day in Kanazawa! If you’re looking for something more active, follow the sound of arrows sailing through the air! Around midday, Kyudo (Japanese archery) practitioners will be giving visitors a chance to showcase their marksmanship!
Get ready to party — Edo style.


1 Fri

“Kaga-Yuzen Tohro-Nagashi”
[19:00-21:00] 1,500 lanterns decorated with lovely Kaga-Yuzen patterns float down the Asanogawa River!
“Kodomo Chohchin-Daiko Gyoretsu”
[18:40-21:00] 10,000 local kids march through the streets with red lanterns and taiko drums.

2 Sat

“Hyakumangoku Chakai”
[8:30-16:00] A grand tea ceremony held in Kenrokuen.
“Kaga Hyakumangoku Bon-Shohgatsu”
[11:00-18:10] Traditional fun events held at the castle.
“Hyakumangoku Gyoretsu”
[14:00-18:10] A costume parade re-enacting Lord Maeda’s triumphal procession.
“Hyakumangoku Odori-Nagashi”
[18:30-20:30] A traditional dance performance held downtown on Route 157.
“Hyakumangoku Takigi-Noh”
[18:30-21:00] A torchlight Noh performance held at the castle.

3 Sun

“Hyakumangoku Chakai”
“Kaga Hyakumangoku Bon-Shohgatsu”
“Kyodo Geinoh Matsuri”
[10:30-16:00] A Japanese folk song performance at Kanazawa Theater.