An essential instrument for Geisha!

As you may know, the Shamisen is an important instrument for a Geisha performance.
When we hear its sound in the Higashi Chaya-Gai district, it somehow transports us to the past.
Once you have experienced the Shamisen, perhaps you will gain a new appreciation for the district!


Try listening to the real sound,
not one playing from CDs!
Then, touch the beautiful body!

The Shamisen is a three-stringed instrument which consists of a body, a slender neck, and a head with three tuning nuts. It’s said that the instrument was created between the 15th and 16th centuries. Shamisen is used not only for Geisha performac_MG_9276.jpgnces, but also on the Kabuki and Johruri stages. Although the three strings are traditionally made of silk, sometimes we use nylon. The thickest of the strings is Ichi-no-Ito (string #1), the next-thickest is Ni-no-Ito (#2), and the thinnest one is called San-no-Ito (#3).c_shamisen01.jpg

Let’s try playing the Shamisen
in the Higashi Chaya-Gai District!

Lc_shamisen.jpgocated in the Higashi Chaya -Gai district, Fukushima is the only Shamisen specialty shop in the Hokuriku area. Here, they make and sell Shamisen, along with offering you the chance to play. Before playing, green tea and sweets will be served.
Then, Mr. Masahide Okabe, 5th Shamisen master of the shop, will teach how to hold the instrument with proper posture, and how to make a sound by using the Bachi plectrum while pressing down to correct the pitch using the fingers of your left hand.
You can start by playing the most popular Japanese classical number, “Sakura Sakura”.

Fukushima Sangen-Ten [福嶋三弦店]

1-1-8, Higashiyama, Kanazawa
Phone:076-252-3703 (Japanese)
Open: 10:00-16:00; Closed: Sundays, holidays, the 2nd and the 4th Saturdays of the month
Experience Shamisen Fee: 300 yen
*Includes a cup of Matcha green tea and sweets.