c_yachiya-2788.psdYachiya Shuzoh brewery


Before saying kanpai at an izakaya, why don’t you visit a sake brewery?

c_yachiya-2724.jpgThe storehouse with the hung shimenawa (shinto rope)Sake breweries are located throughout Japan and each makes several different varieties of sake. It is generally thought that where there is good rice and water, there also is tasty sake. Kanazawa is certainly no exception, and a variety of high-quality sakes have been produced since the Edo period (1603-1868ce). In today’s Kanazawa, there are four breweries, all of which have been in operation for more than 100 years! We visited Yachiya, the brewery responsible for producing the Kagc_yachiya-2730.jpgA huge pot for steaming ricea-Tsuru line of sake for more than 420 years now. You see the cedar ball hung in front of the shop? That is the traditional sign of the sake brewer. Besides sampling their delicious sake, Yachiya offers reasonably priced tours of their brewery (300yen/person, reservation required).

c_yachiya-2733.jpg4-meter-long sticks for stirring sake

To get the most out of your time at brewery, a winter visit is recommended!

Yachiya’s openhearted ex-president welcomed us and explained about the brewery’s history as well as the brewing process. He said sake was made through fermentation similar to beer, buc_yachiya-2759.jpgt it involves a more complex brewing process. The most important part of the process is controlled by the toji (brew masters), who have years of experience and an ingrained knowledge. At the entrance of the toji’s workplace, he showed us a storehouse where a shinto rope hung, explaining that sake brewec_yachiya-2774.jpgA variety of sake at the brewery shopries had been considered sacred place since ancient times. Sake brewing is limited to winter, but we enjoyed the old-style atmosphere of the brewery even in summer. Though the tour is in Japanese, you will enjoy it!


8-32, Ouhimachi, Kanazawa

2-8-3, Ishibiki, Kanazawa

3-2-15, Nagadohe, Kanazawa

i-22, Goshomachi, Kanazawa