Kimono Cosplay in Kanazawa!

As you may know, “cosplay” is a type of youth subculture that originated in Japan.
But even if you’re not a cosplayer, everyone likes to dress up in a costume
once in a while. So when you visit Kanazawa, why not cosplay as a kimono girl?


Stroll down historical
Kanazawa streets while
dressed in a lovely kimono!

009_k03.jpgIn Kanazawa, there are stores where you can rent a kimono for a couple of hours and walk around town in style. They provide everything you need, so no preparation is necessary! It’s probably a good idea to make a reservation. Though each shop has different plans and prices, the basic process is the same: First you choose your kimono, then you pick an obi belt to go with it and a charming obi-himo string to decorate the belt. The staff will gladly assist you in putting your wardrobe together!

Gaze into the mirror
and watch yourself transform
before your very eyes!

After getting undressed, you put on a white “under-robe,” a middle-layer robe with a fancy collar, and then your kimono of choice. Towels and such may be used to help support your posture. Lastly, fasten the obi tightly around your waist and arra009_k01.jpgnge the obi-himo. Makeup and hairstyling may also be available. The whole process takes 30 to 60 minutes. Once you’re done, slip into some zori sandals and prepare to be the talk of the town!


2-5-18, Hosai-Machi, Kanazawa
Phone:076-221-7799 (English / Japanese)


8-8, Kosho-Machi, Kanazawa
Phone:076-224-5511 (Japanese)