Kanazawa is one of several cities where traditional geisha still exist.
You can see them at some official events,but never will enjoy talking to them in person there.
Did you give up the opportunity to have a good time with them because of their strict admittance policy,
or perhaps because you simply can’t afford their rates?
Geisha house Kaikaro offers you a chance to experience an authentic party
with these gorgeous performers!


It’s open for anybody!
A fairy-tale world in the Higashi Chayagai district!

Kaikaro is the largest geisha house in the Higashi Chayagai district. Needless to say, geisha houses have a reputation as being highly conservative to non-regular customers for following their traditions. However, the mistress at Kaikaro is somewhat innovative and wants everybody to know how wonderful their skills are. Therefore she regularly offers a special dinner party named Enyukai which is open to anyone. You can enjoy music and dance with geisha performing in the historical building as if you were one of their regular customers! Dressed in gorgeous kimonos appropriate for each season, they flash smiles and chat with each and every attendee. Be ready to join them on the Japanese drums for a performance! You’ll definitely be fascinated by their charms.

It’s not only their performance
but also an excellent meal with
a fancy table setting.

You must wonder how much one would usually have to pay as a regular custgp_04.jpgomer. For example, in case of a private party where one might ask for three geishas for ten people with dinner, they usually would pay at least 30,000 yen per person. An Enyukai is pretty affordable, and with more geishas. The kaiseki-like dishes include appetizers, raw fish, Kanazawa’s local dishes, rice, soup, and dessert, all served in a fancy box! Besides, the gorgeous geisha come to you to pour beer or sake at the beginning of the party. So do not miss the chance to talk to them! Later they go back to the stage to show you their performance. It’s elegant, skillful and exotic! There are not so many chances to have such a good time with geisha in Japan. So what are you waiting for?


Enyukai 2013 Schedule

  • Spring Apr. 27 (Sat)
  • Autumn 1 Oct. 12 (Sat)
  • Autumn 2 Oct. 26 (Sat)
  • Autumn 3 Nov. 3 (Sun)
  • Autumn 4 Nov. 23 (Sat)

Kaikaro [懐華樓]