Tea Ceremony - The Deep and Wondrous World of Tea


Hi everyone! I’m Hana from Korea. I work in Kanazawa as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations).
Here in Kanazawa, the tea ceremony is popular among its citizens. My Japanese friend told me that many facets of Kanazawa’s traditional culture have advanced along with the tea ceremony.
Today my friend Sophie and I have come to the Nishida Family’s garden, Gyokusen-En. This garden is a historic tea garden dating back to the Edo period. It offers a chance to participate in a tea ceremony (Reservations required). The beautifully designed garden is one way the host entertains their guests.

The tea ceremony has set manners, such as drinking tea after eating the provided sweet. Don’t know about the other manners? Don’t worry! English-speaking staff can show you the proper way to drink tea and enjoy the spirit of the ceremony.
Today we tried a tea-making course where we brewed our own tea. This was my first time but I think I’m quite good at shaking the tea whisk! We recommend this course if you have already experienced a tea ceremony. Enjoy the deep flavor of tea and the depth of the ceremony!



Gyokusen-En Garden
(Nishida Family Garden)
8-3, Kosho-machi / Tel. 076-221-0181
Open : 9:00-16:00; Closed : Wednesdays (Next day if Wednesday falls on a holiday) and 2nd Monday of Dec to end of Feb.
http://www.gyokusen-en.com (English)

Admission fee : Adult =500 yen (Entrance only) / 1,000 yen (Entrance + green tea with sweets ) / 1,200 yen(Entrance + green tea with sweets of the day ) / 1,300 yen (Entrance + green tea with sweets + tea ceremony ) / 1,500 yen (Entrance + green tea with sweets of the day + tea ceremony )
*Reservations required. Please refer to the English website.