You don’t need a reservation. Drop by and take part!

The Kanazawa Downtown Tourist Exchange Salon offers a variety of craft classes.
It’s open for anyone, including locals, tourists and kids. English speaking staff is available!


What is “Maido-San Kanazawa”?
Who are they?

When you are in Kanazawa, you might see people in yellow jackets, most often in the Higashi Chaya-Gai district, or sometimes in Kenroku-En garden. “Maido-San” means “hello” in the Kanazawa dialect. They are volunteer guides, not professionals! Say hello to them and stick up a conversation!

Paper Craft
Create beautiful objects from all types of paper!
なんでも紙細工 Nandemo Kami-Zaiku

06-0249_cmyk.jpgHello everybody! I’m Hiukei Li and I work at a town office in Kawakita-Machi, Ishikawa. I like to take part in the paper craft classes held at the exchange salon. Let me introduce you my instructor, Mrs Shomura, one of the town’s “Maido-San” volunteer staff. She is friendly and so sweet! What are we making today? A beautiful box! Let’s get started! I can’t wait!
First we need to make the eight parts for the lid. I folded eight pieces of paper the same way, then gave them each a different fold. Next, you slide them into each other to make a circle. 06-0253_cmyk.jpgThe trick is to hold the pieces together with clothespins until they’re all connected. Check it out! It’s so beautiful. Pretty good, huh? But I’m only half finished. I still need to make the bottom!Make sure that the bottom is smaller than the lid. It doesn’t need fancy decorations either. The folding method is different than the top. Alright, I’m done! Isn’t it amazing what you can do without glue?
There will be more paper craft classes in the future. 06_gold_p_box_cmyk.jpgIf you have extra paper laying around, don’t throw it away—create something beautiful!

Kaga Paper Pattern Coloring
Make a brilliant butterfly with painted paper cut-outs!
加賀型絵染め Kaga Kata-E-Zome
Welcome to Kanazawa! My name is Carolyn Brooks. I’m working as a school English teacher. I love crafts and just finished a woodblock printing workshop one week ago. Today I’m participating in a “Kaga Kata-E-Zome” painting class at the exchange salon. We do more than paint—we cut the paper into shapes to decorate with colorful patterns.My instructor is also a “Maido-San” volunteer staff. My teacher, Mrs Wakayama, 06-0548_cmyk.jpgis very unique.She explained the process in English, much to my surprise! Maido-San aren’t normal volunteers. Her vision of ecological crafts, or “Eco craft”, is simple—Create no garbage! We begin by cutting out the butterfly from the paper. Mrs. Wakayama traced mine for me. It takes some time to get used to the tools, but thankfully I spent all last week with a chisel so I was OK. It’s looking pretty good! Next we put our butterfly in the water. 06_maid_cr1_cmyk.jpgThe wet paper sticks to surfaces and is easy to work on. Now it’s time to color! Work with a dry brush for best results. I made a few mistakes, but it came out great in the end! The glitter on the edge was my idea. Isn’t it cute?

《Schedule of Craft Tourism》 Place: Kanazawa Downtown Tourist Exchange Salon / Application: Reception at the venue
Paper Craft (Fee: 100yen)

Sep. (13:00-14:30)
3 fri / 4 sat / 5 sun / 10 fri / 11 sat / 12 sun / 17 fri / 18 sat / 19 sun / 24 fri / 25 sat / 26 sun
1 fri / 2 sat / 3 sun / 8 fri / 9 sat / 10 sun / 15 fri / 16 sat / 17 sun / 22 fri / 23 sat / 24 sun

Kaga Paper Pattern Coloring (Fee: 500yen)

6 mon / 13 mon / 27 mon
4 mon / 7 thu / 11 mon / 14 thu / 18 mon / 21 thu / 25 mon / 28 thu

(Schedule subject to change.)

If you need help,
come ask me in English!

We are willing to help tourists from all over the world!

Konnichiwa! I’m Junko Morita, an English advisor here. This salon is available for everyone. Please stop in when you are in the area! We have many brochures about Kanazawa and many other cities. We have free Wi-Fi available, so feel free to use your phone or laptop here! If you don’t have your own device for net surfing, we also have our own computers that you can use for a small fee. The volunteer guides are studying English now, and they want to help tourists from around the world! Need a recommendation for a good restaurant? Come see me!
*English speaking staff is available on Thursday - Monday.

Kanazawa Downtown Tourist Exchange Salon
3rd Floor, LABBRO Katamachi, 2-2-5, Katamachi / LinkIcon
Open: 10:00-17:00; Closed: Irregular Wednesdays / Phone: 076-225-8460 (English/Japanese)