Artistic and Practical!


Hi! I’m Hiukei from Canada. I live in Kawakita-Machi where is close to Kanazawa city. Today I’m visiting gallery Kyoka in the Kazue-Machi Chaya district to try making Kaga Maki-E. Maki-E is a painting technique that decorates lacquer ware using flakes and thin sheets of silver and gold, in addition to shells. The Maki-E workshop at gallery Kyoka is popular among tourists because it lets you enjoy Kanazawa’s traditional craft and Chaya atmosphere at the same time. At the workshop, you are expected to decorate a small dish under the instruction of Kaga Maki-E master, Isshu Tamura.

I selected a four-leaf clover design among the dozens of samples and copied it onto the dish. After sketching out narrow lines in lacquer, I focused on lining up the thin shells one after the other.
wmakie_05_cmyk.jpgNext, I sprinkled silver powder over the lacquered surface. This is my first piece of Maki-E. Mr. Tamura praised my brushwork! I had no idea that Maki-E took so much time and effort until I tried itself. You can see Mr. hiukei.psdTamura in action at gallery Kyoka, but I recommend that first you experience Maki-E yourself to appreciate the true value of the technique!


Gallery Kyoka
2-1, Kazue-Machi, Kanazawa
Tel: 076-232-2770 (English OK)
Open: 10:00-17:00 Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday (English)

Maki-E experience Fee: ¥1,000; Estimated time: 60 minutes. (Depending on design.)
*You can take your work home with you. *Reservations required at least one day in advance. *English speaking staff always available.