Japanese chefs learned
the sensational cuisine,
at the first foreign settlements.

cRobert-1889.jpgYoh-Shoku literally means “Western Food”, so the category sometimes includes authentic Western dishes, like French or Italian. In the Meiji era, the chefs who had worked at hotels in the foreign settlements or at the embassies started to open their own Western-style restaurants. Around that time, it was still mainly limited to high society. First for the upper classes, then for the fashionable, and finally the common people started to try the various ethnic cuisines.


YAKI-MESHI by Grill New Tanuki Fried rice with original brown sauce.

They customized
the ethnic food,
creating something original.

It was apparently not so easy to get all of the ingredients for Western dishes during the old days, thus they sometimes made substitutions with similar ones. As we all know, the principal food of Japan is definitely rice! No wonder they customized the ethnic food and created their own original Western dishes. As popular dishes popped up at restaurants,

Salmon Steak by Grill New Tanuki
Grilled salmon with original sauce.

others were prone to imitate. Sometimes similar dishes were created at the same time by chance. Such dishes are now common Yoh-Shoku choices, and the former “sensational taste” is still addicting for the Japanese.

So, what are the regular dishes
on a Yoh-Shoku menu?

cRobert-1915.jpgCroquette and cutlet are typical fried items battered with bread crumbs. EBI-FURAI (fried shrimp) and TON-KATSU (pork cutlet) are popular. Having hamburg (Salisbury) steak or grilled dishes with rice and Miso soup are the Japanese way! After all, the Japanese love “all-in-one” dishes, such as rice or DON-BURI (bowl) dishes. OME-RICE: Fried rice, generally cooked with ketchup, wrapped within an omelet. HAYASHI-RICE: Hashed beef over plain rice. Each restaurant has a different taste for YAKI-MESHI fried rice. There are some long-established restaurants which serve you authentic Yoh-Shoku dishes in Kanazawa. They are popular and usually packed at lunchtime! If you’re not big on standing in lines, going for dinner might be a better choice. Enjoy!

Lunch Set by Restaurant Jiyuken
Pork saute, deep fried cream prawn,
hamburg steak and cream croquette.