The origin of udon is still unknown. The first type
must have been simple, but nowadays we have a variety to pick from!

Some say the origin was a snack imported from China during the Nara period (710-794ce), while others say it was wonton (Chinese dumplings). In our current age this noodle has a lot of variety. Tempura udon is made with dashi soup and yummy prawns, while curry udon with a mixture of dashi and rich curry soup. Half the fun is picking which one to eat!


Concerning Kanazawa’s udon, the noodles are soft on the
outside but firm in the middle, placed in a sweet broth!

Each region has a different taste of udon. For example, in and around Osaka, though dashi soup looks bland and boring, the taste is actually mouthwatering! The broth is very important for Osaka people, thus they prefer a soft noodle for absorbing the tasty soup.

Kanazawa’s udon is influenced from this Osaka style, yet the soup tastes sweeter than other’s. Sugar was expensive in olden times, but since the Edo period, Kanazawa has always had plenty of sugar due to the presence of wealthy feudal lords. Therefore Kanazawa people are used to a slightly sweet taste with their broth. The surface of the noodle is soft like as Osaka’s, but we prefer the inside to be firm.
When it’s chilly outside, a steaming bowl of noodles will warm your heart. Try one of our numerous udon bowls when you are here!