Skewered ingredients
with Miso, so-called
Dengaku, are the origin.

The origin of Oden is that it was originally just a skewered dish with Miso, created during the Muromachi period (app 1336 -1573). The skewer looked like a Dengaku dancer on a stilt, thus it was named Miso-Dengaku. Later, in the Edo period (1603-1868), Shoyu (Soy sauce) was created, with the ingredients in Soy broth becoming popular in old Tokyo. The polite suffix “o” was added to the shortened “den” in the end.

Most ingredients are made of
vegetables and fish meat. It’s pescetarian friendly!

You’ll see that most Oden varieties are made of vegetables and fish meat, although sometimes it contains rolled cabbage with pork, sausage, or beef tendon. It’s all up to the restaurant. Dc_oden-5227.jpgon’t worry! You can pick the ingredients by yourself, just look in front of the stove. Order some local hot Sake (Japanese rice wine), and enjoy the warm Oden at the counter!