People who live along the Sea of Japan love Akamutsu (Rosy Seabass), and call the fish “Nodo-guro.” Nodo means throat, and guro is the color black. Nodo-guro is well known for its good taste, similar to “toro” (fatty tuna), even though it’s a white fish. Because of this, it is an expensive item at the market. When one hears the word ”fatty,” they might think it’s unhealthy. However, it’s said that fish oil is not that bad, so don’t worry! You can enjoy a tasty Nodo-guro anytime, because it contains plenty of good fish oil all through the year. Nodo-guro roasted with salt, stewed with soy, or just sliced raw; all methods are recommended. Just so you know, the spawning season is from June to October. You might be served a cooked seabass with its roe during these months.