Are only Japanese people enthusiastic about this particular mushroom? It’s said to contain the mushroom alcohol “1-octen-3-ol” that attracts us. However, for various reasons the forests are changing nowadays, and the harvest of domestic matsutake has decreased. We now rely on imports from other countries, such as South Korea, China, and the US, amongst others. Those have to be “washed” before export due to strict laws. It results in a weaker aroma. Autumn is definitely the season for this mushroom, so why don’t you try some matsutake-based dishes to find out just how excellent they are?


Perfectly nutritious, this shellfish is often referred to by the term “sea-milk.” The history of eating raw oysters started around the time of Ancient Rome, and according to records, it was already being farmed in England in those days. Pertaining to the oysters farmed in our region, Nanao Bay is a well-known location for oyster harvesting. The calm-watered inlet shape never receives any of the rough impact from the Sea of Japan, and therefore is an ideal fit for the farming. Two-year-old kaki can be served from October to April, and the serving of one-year-old oysters commences from January. Although the younger oysters are smaller as you might guess, they are said to be much more tasty.