What Would You Like to Drink? Beer? Sake? Shochu? Or Agari?

When you walk in greet he chef with a friendly “KONBANWA!” (Good evening).You’ll then be motioned towards your seat. As you sit down you’ll receive OSHIBORI (a moist towel) and GARI (sweet pickled ginger). Then you”ll be asked “ONOMIMONO-WA?” (what would you like to drink?) Beer, Sake. Shochu, etc... If you don’t want alcohol, just say ”AGARI-KUDASAI” (green tea please).



It’s Easy to Order
Even Without an English Menu

Japanese people often order SASHIMI(sliced raw fish) with beer or some other alcohol as an appetizer. To order, simply choose one of the fish displayed in the case and say, “KORE-OSASHIMI-DE-ONEGAISHIMASU” (please serve this/these as SASHIMI). After you are served, pour MURASAKI (soy sauce) into the small saucer provided, add a dash of green WASABI ginger, then dip your SASHIMI!


Means “Please Serve This as SUSHI!”

After enjoying your appetizer,it's time to order SUSHI!! 
Point at the fish you want and say, “KORE- NIGIRI- DE- ONEGAISHIMASU!” One order usually comes with two pieces, with the exception of MAKI-ZUSHI (rolled SUSHI in seaweed) and TEMAKI-ZUSHI (cone-shaped wrapped SUSHI in seaweed). We recommend coming with a friend to share and experience different flavors with!