No-Frills Kanazawa Cuisine You Should Check Out
Kanazawa boasts some unpretentious dishes simply called “B-kyu Gurume (B-Grade Cuisine)” in addition to higher quality foods such as kaiseki cuisine. While expensive meals are expected to taste excellent, B-kyu Gourmet dishes are cheap yet still delicious enough for local food.

Kanazawa B-kyu Gurume: Kanazawa’s B-Grade Cuisine


Kanazawa Curry

First of all, you should understand that Japanese curry is totally different from authentic Indian curry! The roux in Kanazawa Curry should be thick, pleasantly spicy, and have a dark brown appearance. It’s topped with a pork cutlet and served with shredded cabbage on a stainless tray. Using a ‘spork’ is also a custom for eating Kanazawa Curry. Once you try it, you will be addicted.

Hung-thon Rice

Hung-thong Rice is a Japanese yoshoku (historically customized western cuisine) dish. Deep-fried breaded fish are served with tartar sauce on ketchup-butter rice covered with fluffy, thin-fried egg. Although the name “Hung” is said to come from “Hungary,” and “thon” the French and Hungarian word for tuna, the exact origin of the name remains a mystery.



Kanazawa Oden

Oden is a Japanese stewed dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon radish, and fishcakes in a soy-flavored broth. Kanazawa Oden contains more seafood, such as octopus, Japanese Babylon snail, or kani-men (female snow crab meat and brain stuffed together in its shell). Consequently, these additional seafood ingredients add more “umami” (pleasant savory taste) to the soup.


Most people believe the quality of kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants can’t be better than authentic sushi bars’. Yet that’s not true of Kanazawa’s kaiten-zushi restaurants because we can easily get fresh seafood anytime. Furthermore, at Kanazawa’s kaiten-zushi establishments, customers can order what they want instead of being restricted to sushi offerings from the conveyor belt. S04_ill_回転寿司.jpgushi chefs will happily make fresh sushi for you on demand.